Educating the Media

by Michael Cromartie

Often Christians complain about being misrepresented by mainstream media, but could that change with intentional efforts? Michael Cromartie, Vice President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, has created opportunities for members of the national media to meet with evangelical...

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Social Media & Relationships

by Donna Freitas

In a survey led by Donna Freitas, 73% of student respondents say they strive to appear happy or positive when it comes to anything attached to their real name. What are the repercussions of this happiness standard and the perceptions we...

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Future of Media and Religion

by Barbara Bradley Hagerty

Once seen as a trusted place for facts about events and news, the American media has become a battleground for ideologies. Modern religious leaders often criticize the media for misunderstanding and misrepresenting people of faith in pursuit of attention-grabbing sensationalism....

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How Social Media Helped Defeat the Turkish Coup

by Bloomberg

The attempted coup d’etat by a faction of Turkey’s armed forces on Friday failed for many reasons, including divisions among the military and repeated missteps by the plotters. Social media and mobile communications also played an important role....

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