Why Women Are Fading

by Rebekah Lyons

It’s 3:45 a.m. and you have been lying awake for almost an hour, plagued by self-doubt and anxiety. It begins with your son’s dropping grades at school, and how he is losing his confidence. This rabbit trails to...

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What I Learned From My Mother

by Shauna Niequist

As the daughter of Bill and Lynne Hybels, co-founders of Willow Creek Church, Shauna Niequist watched the logistics of her parents' ministry and life prompt her mother to push her passions to the side. But as she grew older, she...

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Why You Really Matter: An Anthem For Women

by Ann Voskamp

The gorgeous woman that had stood up there on stage with the microphone? Yeah, she hikes up the side of her shirt to show the whole crowd of us how her white thigh spills thick over the elasticized waist of...

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Constraint and Consent, Career and Motherhood

by Kate Harris

In her recent article in The Atlantic, “Women Still Can’t Have it All,” Anne-Marie Slaughter has prompted an all-too predictable firestorm of cultural commentary about the rights and plights of modern women by stoking once more the persistent and...

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When Women Stop Competing and Share

by Amy Simpson

Economists tell us a fundamental principle of their discipline lies in the relationship between scarcity and competition. When a resource is scarce (or perceived as such), people feel an increased need to compete for that resource. In general, the more...

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Empowering Women in a Missional Movement

by Jo Saxton

Women made a significant contribution in the New Testament church. They were leaders like Junia, commended by Paul as “outstanding among the apostles.” Or like Priscilla who, with her husband Aquila, had extensive influence in the church, traveling with Paul,...

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