by Malcolm Gladwell

Who or what deems an idea legitimate? Many people of faith think because their ideas are true, everyone should listen, pay attention, and do as they suggest. Malcolm Gladwell helps us understand how the process by which ideas are debated,...

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New Not Next

by Christine Caine

In a rapidly changing culture, a haunting question for the church is "what's next?" However, trying to anticipate the whim of the cultural tides can keep us perpetually one step behind and inhibit our ability to lead. What if we...

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When Christians Have Power

by Andy Crouch

The word “power” often brings to mind the image of a mighty dictator or rolling tank, marble floors and wealthy exuberance. Power in our world is synonymous with force, violence, and poorly wielded influence. But Andy Crouch believes that power,...

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Achieving Unity

by Christena Cleveland

Is unity realistic in our age? Christena Cleveland addresses how we can get along in our modern world and what it means to be people known by our love. ...

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Humility in the Time of “Me”

by David Brooks

Over the past half century, America has moved from a culture of self-effacement to a culture of self-expression: think Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. A recent TIME magazine cover called out the "Me, Me, Me Generation" and the ways today's culture...

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