Q Backstage: Andrew Fennig (Love Justice)

by Andrew Fennig

What if you could save her before she is trafficked? Human trafficking is one of the most devastating and inhumane crimes in the world today. Love Justice is on a mission to change that. Love Justice is compelled by God's...

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Everyday Violence

by Gary Haugen

How do we confront the greatest oppressor of the poor? Millennium goals have made a focal point of ending poverty, both at home and abroad, but no one's talking about violence. We live in an age in which an estimated 27...

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by Duke Kwon

While debates surrounding reparation and restitution have usually taken place in the government sphere, (i.e., Germany’s reparations to Israel after WWII) these efforts can be clouded with misunderstanding and apathy, and usually end in a stalemate. But does...

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The State of Women

by Noel Yeatts

What are the rights all women should possess and live out? Noel Yeatts of World Help shares the state of women across the world today and the opportunity that can come from focusing on the true global issues facing women....

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Eyes Of A Child

by Richard Stearns

There are 1.9 billion children in the world, 400 million of which live in extreme poverty. With so many suffering the consequences of war, displacement, and circumstances outside of their control, how can we inject life, hope and promise for a future...

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Restoring The Justice System

by Bryan Stevenson

Cases like George Zimmerman, Jodi Arias, Bradley Manning and Ariel Castro may have once dominated the news, but much of what's happening in the American justice system remains overlooked. America now boasts the highest rate of incarceration in the world,...

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