Sports Side Effects

by Thomas Lake

Sports are one of the most notable places in which people are highly, almost violently competitive - and yet sports can be good for us, too. So where do we go wrong? How does healthy competition become something much darker?...

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Fair Trade Sports

by Zach Smith

Just days before an appearance in the Super Bowl, the Seattle Seahawks recently famous cornerback Richard Sherman has stated, “Running into each other at full speed is not what God intended for our bodies.” Indeed, this year has brought heightened...

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Football and the Gift of Institutions

by Andy Crouch

There aren’t many words less popular in our world than institution. We remember with horror when persons with mental illnesses or cognitive disabilities were “institutionalized,” cut off from families and communities in a life that was less than life....

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College Athletics and the Common Good

by Anthony Esolen

A few weeks ago, I was taken to task for yawning in public. The American and Canadian women’s Olympic hockey teams got into a brawl, and I yawned about it in a comment box appended to the report on...

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The Great American Gambling Boom

by The Atlantic

For a nation that prides itself on individual liberty, the United States has long clung to its Puritan roots in regards to gambling. As early as 1630, the Massachusetts Bay Colony had outlawed the possession of cards and dice. In the 180...

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