Why Culture Matters

by Gabe Lyons

People of faith differ on how much concern we should pay to the culture at hand, questioning what good can we really do engaging in a broken world. Can we really make a significant difference? Does God share these concerns?...

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Addressing The Future Of Cities Together

by Ebony S. Small

Movement Day is one of the few conveners that pulls together leaders from the marketplace, civic space, artists community for the purpose of serving their city. With Movement Day events in Dallas, Phoenix, Haiti, South Africa, and London launching in 2017,...

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City Movements

by Gabe Lyons and Q Commons Panel

Cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead once warned against doubting that a "small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world." She went on to remark that "...indeed, this is the only thing that ever has." In every city and in...

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Artists and Poets

by Lecrae

With a Cinderella story of drug-dealer-turned-Jesus-lover, Lecrae is the only artist to ever debut an album that simultaneously topped the Billboard 200 and Gospel charts. For any musician, such an accomplishment is simply an Anomaly, the very title of the album...

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Q educates church and cultural leaders on their role and opportunity to embody the Gospel in public life.

We believe exposure is the best way to learn and that old ideas have something to offer our modern world. Join with us to explore, learn and consider how the Gospel is being expressed in our cultural context.

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October 13, 2016

Q Commons equips Christians to engage our cultural moment. During the two-hour live event, attendees hear fast-paced national and local talks educating them on how to thoughtfully engage their city and our cultural moment.

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