Biblical Literacy Begins with Reading

by Ben Irwin

3.9 billion. That’s how many copies of the Bible we’ve bought over the last 50 years, according to one estimate. As you might have guessed, that makes the Bible the bestselling book of all time. ?The Bible has sold more...

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A New Way of Engaging Scriptures

by Glenn Paauw and Phil Chen

700 people quit reading the Bible every single day. From reading the Bible in fragments to reading it out of context to reading it only for personal application, why some of our modern Bible-reading habits are at the core of the...

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Four Types of Bible Study Learners

by Faith & Leadership

It turns out that just because you gather people in a room and call it Bible study, they don’t all “get it” in the same way. We now know a lot more about learning styles, teaching styles, personality types...

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Illiterate People of the Book

by K.D. Byers

Christians are a people of the book—but I fear we’ve grown illiterate. 69% of adult Americans consider themselves Biblically literate according to a study conducted in 2013 by the Barna Group. But the same study found that 58% of American Christians...

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How to Save the Bible

by Glenn Paauw

The Bible is a rich collection of songs and letters, stories and prophecies—all forged in the crucible where people’s lives meet God’s Spirit. At its core, Scripture is a great drama, highlighting God’s battle to win...

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