Six Practices of the Church || Episode 7: Vocation

by Greg Thompson and Gabe Lyons

We are all involved in some sort of vocation. No matter where or what it is, we know that God calls us to be faithful in those places. From home to office and beyond, we have the opportunity to practice...

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Lessons From A Start Up Mentality

by Jessica Kim

When Jessica Kim was in college, she started her first business out of her dorm room. As a business-minded anthropologist, she shares what can be learned about having great ideas, loving people well and how truly caring can make solutions...

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Be You. Do Good.

by Jonathan Golden

What is it that God wants you to do? Jonathan Golden, an Anglican priest and coffee company owner, asked that question and it changed his life. How do we go about advancing good in the places God has for us...

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Vocation is Integral

by Steven Garber

Many people today see their job as nothing more than a paycheck. But is one’s calling more than that? Steven Garber says yes. He says there is an intimate connection between one’s faith, vocation, and culture. “Vocation is...

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Imagining the Kingdom

by James K.A. Smith

Christians often use the word “kingdom” without a complete understanding of what the term actually means. James K.A. Smith argues that the kingdom is the reality where God’s rules govern and God’s precepts reign. In this imaginative...

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