Leading and Learning

by Richard Stearns

Leading a strategic, long-term effort to aid and transform the poorest communities in nearly 100 countries around the world is challenging work, especially when long-term vision is required. How can the Church stay engaged and not let "crisis fatigue" root causes...

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Feeling Paralyzed by the Migrant Crisis in Europe?

by Lynne Hybels

The global refugee crisis became personal for millions around the world last week when they saw the horrific image of a toddler — Aylan Kurdi — washed lifeless onto the shore of the Mediterranean. The Syrian conflict that he and his family...

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Syria, The Middle East, and Fragile States

by Steve Haas

Q: This past March marked the fifth year of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria. Can you give us an overview of the situation at this time? S: As the years drag on, much of the world appears to have...

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Education is the Best Hope for the Future of Syrian Children

by Linda Hiebert

Every number has a name Fourteen million children in Syria and the neighboring countries are among those affected by the brutal conflict that has gone on for more than four years. 7.5 million Syrian children are in need of humanitarian aid. 2.6...

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Engaging The Refugee Crisis in The Middle East

by Jeremy Courtney

My phone just rang here in Iraq. It was Sami, an estranged friend I haven’t seen in two years since a little-known terrorist group called ISIS rose in prominence. At that time, Sami and many of our friends had...

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