An Art Apologetic

by Mel McGowan

Pope Benedict XVI once said, “To me, art and the saints are the greatest apologetic for our faith.” As a new generation grows cynical towards certainty and the authority of truth, we would benefit from understanding how God uses beauty...

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Signs Of Life: Finding The Good, True & Beautiful In Popular Culture

by Josh Jackson and Nick Purdy

If the Religious Right were looking for poster-children for the Irreligious Left, they might spotlight Sean Penn, Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon. Penn, raised agnostic, was convicted of a domestic assault charge against his then-wife Madonna, was arrested for beating...

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Art in Theology

by Dan Siedell

“There exists the icon of the Trinity by St. Andrei Rublev; therefore God exists.” This statement by Fr. Pavel Florensky, Russian Orthodox priest, mathematician, art historian and martyr, is not the kind of apologetic strategy that Christians in the West...

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Finding Beauty

by Trina McNeilly

How can God make His home in a heart that is lacking beauty by rage, jealousy, or pain? In this talk, Trina talks about how God came upon her trials and showed her how He intended her life to be...

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Why Should We Care About Contemporary Art?

by Lynn Aldrich

In a world with such exhausting personal and global crises, many pose the question, why does art matter? Lynn Aldrich virtually walks us through her gallery as she makes the argument that a broken world, a digital world, a fast...

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The Paradox of Beauty

by Makoto Fujimura

Why should Christians care about culture? One reason is apparent: beauty is one of the most effective ways that God's love reaches an over-politicized postmodern culture. In this excerpt from his talk at Q New York, artist and thinker Makoto...

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