After the Pen

by Willis Barrino and Mike Foster

Approximately 2.2 million people are in jail in the U.S.; 60 percent of incarcerated males are African-American. Disproportionately, only 12-13 percent of the American population are black males. People of the Second Chance see an opportunity for renewal in these otherwise...

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Beyond Incarceration

by Catherine Hoke and Bryan Stevenson

More than 7 million Americans—1 in 31 adults—have been or are currently incarcerated. That’s the highest incarceration rate in the world. More often than not, those who are set free become repeat offenders within years or even months. Christians must...

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Cease Fire: Gangs and Redemption

by Dr. Paul David Smith

In this Q Commons Chattanooga Local Talk, public safety coordinator for the city of Chattanooga, Paul David Smith, discusses Chattanooga's response to gang-related issues, community safety and mentoring. Smith is the former principal of Howard High School in downtown Chattanooga...

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We believe exposure is the best way to learn and that old ideas have something to offer our modern world. Join with us to explore, learn and consider how the Gospel is being expressed in our cultural context.

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October 13, 2016

Engaging Our Divided Nation

This two-hour live event will educate Christians on how they can bring hope and leadership to their communities in a critical moment for America.

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