Reclaiming Hope

by Michael Wear

We are at a critical juncture for the church, and the decisions we make in the next five years will largely determine the trajectory of the church for the coming decades. This new century has already experienced great change when...

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The Church and the State

by Joshua DuBois

It’s been almost 16 years since the Bush administration established the White House’s Faith-Based Initiative. This infantile program has had its setbacks and at times been clouded by confusion. But beyond the politics, most agree that much good is...

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Right or Left: What Can We Agree On?

by Richard Land and Jim Wallis

While the “Religious Right” rose to prominence over the last 30 years in American public life, the “Religious Left” also maintains a strong base. Media coverage of these two factions often accentuates their sharp disagreements over social and political issues. But...

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Public Faith in a Pluralistic Society

by Miroslav Volf

Christians often talk about the common good but find it difficult to pursue it in a world of competing voices. Miroslav Volf claims the confusion stems from misunderstandings about human flourishing, abundant living and co-existing alongside adherents of other faiths....

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Principled Pluralism

by Gideon Strauss

From debates about the hiring practices of churches to rumors of community adherence to Sharia law, Americans have long been facing questions regarding the role of various religions in public life. As our nation grows increasingly diverse, can we coexist...

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