Consuming Responsibly

by Otis James and Emil Congdon

What's the relationship between quality craftsmanship and thoughtless consumerism? In this clip from their panel discussion with Jeremy Blume at Q Nashville in April 2014, craftsmen Emil Congdon and Otis James discuss the positive trends in consumption they have seen over...

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Common Thread

by Raan Parton

Fashion is often caricatured as a shallow and superficial byproduct of celebrity culture. But in reality, the things we wear —like all cultural goods—are complex creations that shape the world around us. Apolis’ co-founder Raan Parton is leading the...

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The Handcrafted Gospel

by Christianity Today

Craftspeople (harashim)—masons, barbers, weavers, goldsmiths, stonecutters, carpenters, potters—are replete in the Bible. The first person Scripture says was filled with the Spirit of God was Bezalel, who was given “ability and intelligence, with knowledge and all craftsmanship, to...

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Fashion Imagery

by Chidi Achara

Many blame popular fashion for being too shallow and consumerist. But does fashion reflect culture or does culture model itself after the latest trends? Could this seemingly superficial aspect of society reveal something deeper about us? Achara, renowned in the...

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The Appetite of North America

by Kyle Luck

The Bible depicts the early church as a flourishing community: a body of individuals devoted to Christ and committed to each other. In Acts 4, specifically, we read that the believers were of one heart and one mind, sharing everything that...

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