Why Advent Is Not “Business As Usual”

by Dean Miller

The fox was on me before I knew it. Which got me thinking about Advent. I live within seven miles as the crow flies from our nation’s capital, inside what is pointedly called “the Beltway.” You cannot go far...

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The Endless Cycle of Want

by Jeff Shinabarger

Culture tells us we always need to have more. What would happen if we shed the excess of material goods in our lives? Jeff Shinabarger challenges Christians to redefine the idea of "enough." He emphasizes the importance of drawing a...

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How to Slow Down Christmas

by Ann Voskamp

Power plays and big takeovers and loud commercials. That’s the way the world turns and Wall Street rolls. But God, when He comes, He shows up in this fetal ball. Just this seed unfurling, impossible power contained in the...

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Holding on to Christmas

by Peter Greer

A couple weeks after Christmas in 2002, a volcano erupted in Congo. Working for a development agency in neighboring Rwanda, I went to help. Up on a platform, I handed out blankets to refugees. The orchestration was almost perfect—we had...

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Advent of Unity

by First Things

John famously begins his Gospel with a piece of theology: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Matthew starts with a genealogy. John celebrates Advent with a hymn, Matthew with...

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