Where Angels Cannot Tread: Science in a Fallen World

by Jason E. Summers

English poet Alexander Pope wrote “fools rush in where angels fear to tread,” as a warning to the careless critics of his day, implying that angels have wisdom beyond that which human beings can obtain. Yet, in a recently translated...

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Exploring the Galaxies

by Jennifer Wiseman and Louie Giglio

From the Psalmist to the astronomers, people for centuries have suggested that the natural world is a portal to the transcendent (Ps. 19:1). But it has always been difficult for the average earth dweller to grasp the breadth of such assertions...

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Science and Religion: Mixed Results

by Rusty Pritchard

Science and religion are at war. Or, at least that’s the impression you might get from bloggers who watch the spectacle of Republican primary candidate debates. Columnists at the New York Times and the Washington Post are up-in-arms at...

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Citing Chapter and Verse

by The New York Times

The question is, what makes one chapter and verse more authoritative for citing than the other? The question did not arise in the discussion, but had it arisen, Dawkins and Pinker would no doubt have responded by extending the point...

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The Language of God

by The Veritas Forum

Have I let us into a dilemma here by talking about my own personal faith conversion and then telling you that I think evolution is true? Well, actually, no. Forty percent of scientists are believers in a personal God. Most...

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Science or Faith? Don’t Make Them Choose.

by Tim Stafford

These days, almost every young American believes they have a choice to make. They can choose faith, or they can choose science, but they can’t choose both. It’s extremely hard to choose faith over science, though some do....

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