What’s So Great About the Common Good?

by Andy Crouch

The Common What? All by itself, “the common good” is as vague as fine-sounding phrases tend to be. And being fine-sounding and vague, it easily becomes political pabulum to promote whatever policies the speaker wants to advance. Not surprisingly, it...

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Embracing Vocation in the City

by Amy Sherman

Missional church leaders seek deep community transformation that advances a fortaste of God’s Kingdom. Too often, though, we fail to deploy our congregants’ unique vocational power strategically, creatively, and effectively toward that bold end. Equipping members for living missionally...

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The Q Conference and the Common Good

by Gabe Lyons

People always ask me, “What is the Q Conference?” And I never quite know how best to answer. Of course I know I should. After all, I started it. I had the dream. And branding experts don’t shy away...

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Society

by Alissa Wilkinson

Today, faithfully loving institutions is countercultural. We don’t think about institutions much; we’re more inclined to focus on networks and ad hoc communities comprised of individuals. So to say that we instead must think of institutions which have...

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Whatever Happened to the Common Good?

by Jim Wallis

The notion of the common good has both religious and secular roots going back to Catholic social teaching, the Protestant social gospel, Judaism, Islam, and in the American Constitution itself, which says that government should promote “the general welfare.” It...

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