The Courage To Lead

by Lisa Bevere

On the heels of the #metoo movement came #churchtoo — exposing the abuse, harassment, and misogyny taking place in churches, places where people should experience mutual support, leadership, and empowerment. Lisa Bevere shares how the New Testament shows people of different...

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New Not Next

by Christine Caine

In a rapidly changing culture, a haunting question for the church is "what's next?" However, trying to anticipate the whim of the cultural tides can keep us perpetually one step behind and inhibit our ability to lead. What if we...

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Q Backstage: Lisa Bevere

by Lisa Bevere

Listen in as Lisa Bevere, Author of Adamant, shares valuable insights about humility, men and women working together and what it means to be generous....

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Reverence Over Cool

by Trip Lee

Some believe Christians are on the wrong side of history on any number of fronts, and that we don’t quite “get” the cultural moment in which we live. Yet throughout Church history, the pursuit to honor God, seek righteousness,...

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The Burning Church

by Greg Thompson

Our culture is a tribute both to the promises of modernity, and the expectations those promises failed to meet. As those around us have become disillusioned, Christians often respond in two ways: we fight to regain lost ground, or accept...

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Rediscovering Whimsy

by Bob Goff

With so many global problems at which to aim our collective passions and resources, the work of restoration can become nothing more than a job. As time goes on, even good work can steal our imaginations. How can we rediscover...

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