Postracial Blues

by J. Kameron Carter

Though we often think of this age as post-racial, there are many ways in which America still turns a blind eye to inequality. Could it be nationwide we've settled into a lull that accepts racism in its many new forms?...

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Questions You Have Always Wanted to Ask About Race

by David M. Bailey

Q: Are we in a post-racial culture? If you were to ask a random sample of people whether race matters in American society anymore, you would get a variety of answers. Many would say that great strides have been made...

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Riding To Freedom

by Patricia Jenkins-Armstrong

In May of 1961, Patricia Jenkins set out with a group from Nashville determined to desegregate the US interstate system by riding buses throughout the South. The goal was to challenge local laws that still enforced segregation in seating on public...

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Beloved Community

by Leroy Barber

Jesus said that the way believers demonstrate their love would communicate God’s love to a needy world. If that’s true, then shouldn’t we focus our passion and resources on becoming a community known by its love? Leroy...

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Achieving Unity

by Christena Cleveland

Is unity realistic in our age? Christina Cleveland addresses how we can get along in our modern world and what it means to be people known by our love. ...

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