Inoculating a Generation

by Skye Jethani

Discussing why young people are leaving churches doesn’t offer a way forward for those of us who’ve stayed. Author Skye Jethani says the answer might be changing the way we relate to God. Instead of life over, under,...

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Rachel Held Evans on “Why Millennials Are Leaving The Church”

by Rachel Held Evans

At 32, I barely qualify as a millennial. I wrote my first essay with a pen and paper, but by the time I graduated from college, I owned a cell phone and used Google as a verb. I still remember the...

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Trevin Wax on “Why Millennials Are Leaving The Church”

by Trevin Wax

In a recent column for CNN, Rachel Held Evans offers some thoughts on “why millennials are leaving the church.” Her post struck a chord with readers. She is addressing a perennial topic of conversation among church leaders and church goers:...

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I Don’t Worship God by Singing. I Connect With Him Elsewhere.

by Donald Miller

I’ve a confession. I don’t connect with God by singing to Him. Not at all. I know I’m nearly alone in this but it’s true. I was finally able to admit this recently when I attended...

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Megachurch With a Beat Lures a Young Flock

by Michael Paulson

A toned and sunburned 32-year-old Australian with the letters F-A-I-T-H tattooed onto his biceps strode onto the stage of a former burlesque theater here and shouted across a sea of upstretched hands and uplifted smartphones: “Let’s win this city...

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A Letter From a Millennial

by Kelly Schmidt

Dear Boomers, Here are four messages millennials aren’t buying. 1) Healthcare Mandate Boomers, stop saying healthcare is about the principle. The government isn’t infringing on your rights, because you don’t have the right to tell a woman to...

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