Cosmopolitan Evangelism

by Jon Tyson

In a culture where religious pluralism has become widely accepted, there is a tendency to back away from evangelism—after all, it’s kind of aggressive and could be seen as intolerant. How do we communicate our faith in a...

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Evangelism Reborn

by Luis Palau

"Evangelism." For many Christians, it's a word that strikes fear in the heart ... or even disgust. It's a word that's been twisted, misapplied, diminished and demonized in turn. Yet one of the calls of a Christian is to proclaim the...

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Visible, Thriving Communities

by Faith & Leadership

One of the most powerful assumptions in modern America is that there should be a division between public and private life. In some ways, of course, there has always been a proper sense of the distinction between what belongs between...

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Concerning the Church: Church Branding Overwhelms the Cross

by JR Kerr

Recently, I was traveling into a city I am in quite often. After making my way through a crowded airport to get onto my final connecting flight, I quickly realized the only seats available were window seats. Now as a...

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The Typecast Church

by Scott McClellan

When actor Dennis Farina (Law & Order) died several weeks ago, I came across an interesting tidbit about his life: before spending the last two decades playing cops and mobsters for film and television, Farina was a bonafide Chicago police...

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