What I Learned From My Mother

by Shauna Niequist

As the daughter of Bill and Lynne Hybels, co-founders of Willow Creek Church, Shauna Niequist watched the logistics of her parents' ministry and life prompt her mother to push her passions to the side. But as she grew older, she...

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Third Wave Feminism

by Rebekah Lyons

Feminism: it's a word we use, but don't often understand. In this clip from her talk at Q Nashville, Rebekah Lyons explores the history of modern feminism and its incarnations and asks if the church might be able to redeem...

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Riding To Freedom

by Patricia Jenkins-Armstrong

In May of 1961, Patricia Jenkins set out with a group from Nashville determined to desegregate the US interstate system by riding buses throughout the South. The goal was to challenge local laws that still enforced segregation in seating on public...

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The State of Women

by Shannon Sedgwick Davis

How are women’s lives improving and deteriorating around the world? Shannon Sedgwick Davis is CEO of the Bridgeway Foundation. An attorney, Shannon is a passionate advocate for social justice and International human rights. She is a well-known strategist engaged...

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Fierce Convictions

by Karen Swallow Prior

Why should our deepest beliefs compel us to action? Maya Angelou called courage the most important of virtues. Lesser-known but equally influential in her age is Hannah More, poet, abolitionist, and reformer from the 1800s. Like Angelou, More's extraordinary legacy...

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