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Can There Be Peace in the Middle East?



Can Israelis and Palestinians work together toward peace? In this clip from their talk at Q Nashville in April 2014, Bassam Aramin (a Palestinian) and Robi Damelin (an Israeli), both of whom have lost children in the conflict, talk about their unlikely friendship and their work together.

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Peace Between Israelis and Palestinians - Really?

Cynics are quick to criticize these peace talks, which they believe will prove to be just another in a failed series. Others see them as a futile exercise that will only raise expectations and create more bitterness. And then there are those who have written off the entire Middle East

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Cease-fires and the Fog of War

Gaza, Ukraine and the Central African Republic are all very different conflicts, but one thing each has in common is that the fighting is not between obviously coherent or unified groups. This was part of the problem invoking “the responsibility to protect” in Libya, as well as calls for the

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Middle East Compromise

A few months ago, my 8-year-old son took part in a ceremony in which all the pupils in his class were given a Bible to mark the beginning of their Bible studies. When the ceremony was over, all the pupils climbed onto the stage and sang a popular song about —

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Praying for Peace

Almost a decade ago, I overheard a group of older Jewish men at a suburban St. Louis grocery, sitting, eating and loudly agreeing with one another that all Palestinians were less than dogs and needed to be wiped out. At the time, I was rattled and quickly left the store.

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Middle East Uprising

As Libyan revolutionaries rejoice in overthrowing Muammar Gaddafi's brutal and reign, Egyptian and Tunisian protesters continue to rebuild their countries. Revolution came to the Arab Spring from within, and it continues to brew throughout the Middle East. How can we cut through the noise to understand the role the U

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