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Do Black Lives Matter To Evangelicals?


Race And America

The #blacklivesmatter movement receives mixed reception in culture and especially among Evangelical Christians. While some contend “all lives matter,” others recognize the special focus needed on to the continued struggle of being black in America. Michelle Higgins is an organizer and speaker who is on the front lines of the

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Confident Pluralism

America wasn’t meant to be homogeneous. A bedrock principle of our nation is its ability to accommodate diverse beliefs and practices, but this is challenging and citizens of the U.S. are more polarized than ever. Professor and author John Inazu thinks that we can live together peacefully and

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Q&A Talkback

This is the Q&A talkback featuring Michelle Higgins, John Inazu, and Greg Thompson on Race and Pluralism. This was recorded at Q Denver, April 21-23, 2016.

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