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Do We All Have A Calling?


On Calling, Ambition & Surrender

Many of us struggle to discern our role in God’s bigger plan for the world; some of us even struggle to see God’s plan at all. We’re unsure of our purpose, or uncertain of how we can use that purpose to bring renewal to our communities. Pete

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Vocation is Integral

Many people today see their job as nothing more than a paycheck. But is one’s calling more than that? Steven Garber says yes. He says there is an intimate connection between one’s faith, vocation, and culture. “Vocation is integral,” he says, “not incidental to the missio Dei.” Steven

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Free To Be Called

A year before our move to New York City, on the eve of my thirty-fifth birthday, Gabe surprised me. “How about I send you to Denver, to spend a couple days with Pete?” he asked. I knew what this meant. Almost a decade prior, our friend and mentor Pete had

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Every Woman Has A Calling

How can we rediscover the gifts of our youth? What would we learn if we gathered and were challenged by the questions women are asking today? Join us at Q Women on November 7, sign up here.

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Snowboards and Calling

What if following your passion leads to worldly success, to wealth, fame, and power? What does service look like from here? Can you balance the pressures of success while seeking to make disciples? Snowboarder/Olympic Gold medalist Kelly Clark has wrestled with these questions while blazing a trail of calling

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