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How Can Religion and Education Coexist?


The Religion of the Academy

Since the Enlightenment, Europe has observed the slow divorce of the church from the university. The same phenomenon has taken place in the United States, which we witness today in the religious ambivalence of schools like Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, all originally founded as Christian institutions. What does it look

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Religion, Culture, and Higher Education

Why is it important that religious institutions exist in American public life? Gabe Lyons sits down with Gordon College President, Michael Lindsay to discuss principled pluralism, the recent challenges Gordon has faced over the past few months, and the future of religious educational institutions.

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The Future of the Christian University

​As I stood before more than seven hundred college graduates and their families during our annual ritual called commencement, I wondered if our graduates’ children will be allowed the privilege of the kind of education they received in a Christian liberal arts university. The future is not certain. I feel

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Ancient Future Education

Most people don’t know that current educational practice is less than a century old. Paradoxically, the harder we try to produce great thinkers similar to those of the past, the further we move from the style of education that produced them. Some now advocate a return to “classical education,”

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The Future of Education

A century-old debate continues to rage on in America about how best to educate our children. Some insist privatization is the solution while others fight for the neighborhood school to be reinvigorated-offering equal earning opportunities and no child left behind. But is America forever to lose ground to emerging giants

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