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How Can You Experience God's Presence?


New Not Next

In a rapidly changing culture, a haunting question for the church is "what's next?" However, trying to anticipate the whim of the cultural tides can keep us perpetually one step behind and inhibit our ability to lead. What if we are asking the wrong question? How can the ways God's

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What Do We Mean by “Prophetic”?

In the Word Made Flesh vision statement, we collectively commit to serving Jesus among those living in poverty. This calling is realized in being a holistic, incarnational community among, as well as a prophetic community for, those living in poverty. In previous Position Papers on The Cry, we have explored

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We Are All Called

Banning Liebscher, the Lead Pastor of Jesus Culture believes that when it comes to calling, the call is not the issue. As Christians, we are all called to redeem and restore the world. What separates you as a Christ follower Liebscher believes, is your response to the call. Note: This

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The Aesthetics of Prophecy

Beauty is all the rage. You can’t get three sentences in modern theology without tripping over words like “aesthetics” and “beauty” and “Christianity and the arts.” And in many ways this is a welcome shift. The several-century Christian retreat from the arts seems in many ways on its way

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How to Practice the Presence of God

Yeah, so Brother Lawrence has his sacred spuds. And I’ve got this bag of rotting carrots pulling up a burial blanket of fleecing mold in the bottom of the fridge — and a bunch of girls making brownies and a sink overflowing with a motley crew of pots that have

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