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How Do We Advance The Common Good In A Pluralistic Society?


Advancing the Common Good

The common good is defined as—“the most good for all people.” Aristotle first conceived it, but Thomas Aquinas, a thirteenth-century Roman Catholic philosopher, honed it well as a Christian conception for how Christians ought to live alongside others who were different in society. This strict definition of the common

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Religious Freedom and the Common Good

At times, preserving religious liberty has been dismissed as nothing more than a partisan effort to protect Christians from a messy world. But there is a deeper question in play: how can we pursue the common good in a world of divergent and deeply held convictions? Andy Crouch, author and

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Seeking the Prosperity of Our Neighbors

Missional church leaders seek deep community transformation that advances a foretaste of God’s Kingdom. Too often, though, we fail to deploy our congregants’ unique vocational power strategically, creatively, and effectively toward that bold end. Equipping members for living missionally in and through their work is an essential strategy for

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The Future of Freedom

Throughout history, Americans have attempted to spread democracy around the world. Yet some believe that many of our freedoms—particularly religious liberties—now hang in the balance. Just look at the Chick-fil-A boycotts spurred by same-sex marriage advocates. In this talk, historian Os Guinness reminds us that religious liberty is

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What’s So Great About the Common Good?

The Common What? All by itself, “the common good” is as vague as fine-sounding phrases tend to be. And being fine-sounding and vague, it easily becomes political pabulum to promote whatever policies the speaker wants to advance. Not surprisingly, it arises at times when politicians want to justify imposing costs

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