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How Do We Create Welcoming Spaces?


Ingredients of Hospitality

Restaurateur and respected chef Ford Fry believes in the power of food as a great gatherer of people. Ford invites us into his world to consider how sharing a common table encourages vulnerability, fosters connection, and revolutionizes how we interact with friends, neighbors, and those with whom we may not

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The Power of Food

The majority eat only one meal together as a family during regular work week due to conflicting schedules, and many are waking up to the harm our bodies experience from fast, manufactured food. Danielle Walker, New York Times bestselling author of the Against All Grain series of recipe books, gives

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An Antidote to Gun Violence

With the prevalence of shooting in our schools, a culture of violence is seemingly becoming the culture of the norm in the lives of our children. Through Judge Sheila Calloway's experience within the Nashville Court System, she invites us to consider how we offer hope and solutions to young people

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Rethinking Our Food

The number of livestock on factory farms increased from 23.7 million to 28.5 million over a ten-year period. Farmer Joel Salatin wonders why Christians ignore these practices that run counter to God’s design. Saltin’s farm - featured in Food, Inc. and Time magazine - honors animals and the land, producing

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Are Some Places “Sacred Spaces?”

Ancient mystics held a unique belief that the Divine inhabited certain geographic regions in a more significant manner than others. Translation? A phenomenon some call holy ground, thin places, or sacred spaces. In the book of 1 Kings we meet Namaan, “the captain of the army of the king of Aram,

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Finding God in Unexpected Places

Krish Kandiah is the author of God is Stranger and the founding director of Home for Good, a charity seeking to make a real difference in the lives of vulnerable children. Believing we meet God when we welcome the stranger, Krish shares how an unscripted life helps us experience and

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