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How Do We Stay Grounded In A Shifting Culture?


The Irrelevance of Faith

Christians face an unprecedented landscape at the intersection of faith and public life. Over 46% of our neighbors believe religion and people of faith are part of the problem in our communities, not the solution. As a growing list of contentious issues present themselves on the cultural front—such as racism,

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Are People Reading The Bible?

The average household in North America possesses four Bibles and the average Christian household in North America owns eleven. In the midst of this abundant access to the Scriptures, Paul Caminiti, a Christian publisher with two decades of experience, has seen the decline of Christians reading and engaging the Bible.

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What Role Should The Bible Have In Society?

Interpreting the Bible has become a divisive issue for some and little more than sport for others. Some want to talk about the "authority" of Scripture. They're asking questions like, "How is the Bible authoritative in our lives today?" Others are wondering if the word "inerrancy" is making a comeback.

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Reading The Bible In Community

Although we live in an age where access to the Scriptures has never been more abundant, we are seeing a decline in its engagement and a lack of knowledge in how to engage it properly. Glenn Paauw is currently the VP of Global Bible Engagement for Biblica, a 200 year old

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Observing the Sabbath

Are Christians really supposed to keep the Sabbath, or is that just an Old Testament idea with no meaning in our world today? If we did, what would be the effect on our families, our health, our consumption and our world? Matthew Sleeth helps us imagine what role the Sabbath

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Our Inner Life

In his book The Selfless Way of Christ, Henri Nouwen points to three great temptations of upward mobility: the desires to be relevant, spectacular, and powerful. Amidst the busyness of society and pressures to obtain success, it can be easy to lose sight of what's most important. Denver Seminary Chancellor

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