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How Does Entrepreneurship Shape Culture?



There are many reasons to immerse in a unique, massive cultural event like “South by.” Primary among them is to think about theology in engagement and action with the diverse worlds where we actually live and minister. Part of the Brehm Center’s vision, and Fuller’s mission, is to

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People Over Profits

Brands dominate our mental spaces, often convincing us buying their products will affirm our unique identity and somehow make our lives better. Dale Partridge, CEO and Co-Founder of, questions whether a brand, in fact, can contribute to the common good.

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From Image Burdened to Image Bearing

Jessica Honegger is the Founder and Co-CEO of Noonday Collection, the fastest growing fair trade accessories brand in the world. Noonday Collection’s vision is to use fashion to create meaningful opportunities around the world. Jessica is passionate about empowering others to practice courage, wholeness and connectedness through entrepreneurship. She

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Profit and Purpose

Q: How is social innovation transforming business for good? K: Social innovation is transforming business for good by expanding the idea of value creation. Instead of the traditional narrow measure of value creation as purely financial, social innovators are redefining the measure of value to include financial, social and environmental

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