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How Does Story Shape Imagination?


Creating and Flourishing

Dana Tanamachi is a self-defined, "Texas-bred, Brooklyn-based graphic designer who enjoys living a quiet life and working with her hands." Her Japanese-inspired style is just as distinct as she is. Convinced that creativity is constitutive of human flourishing, Dana sees art as a powerful force for the common good. Her

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The Arc of Storytelling

In our culture, he who tells the best story wins. Creating great narratives that produce epiphanies involves a particular talent that applies far beyond film and changes the way you write books, marketing copy, funding proposals, research reports, sermons, and so much more. Bobette Buster has built and sustained a

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The Story of Justice

Gregg Helvey understands how to tell a story well. He graduated from film school at the University of Southern California, the place where George Lucas dreamed up Star Wars and Robert Zemeckis developed the chops that led to Back to the Future and Forrest Gump. If you want to make

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How To Tell A Story

There are many definitions for the term story. Everybody from Plato to Weird Al Yankovich has chimed in. If you’re reading this eBook, though, you’re likely not looking for a philosophical definition. You’re likely wanting to know how a good story works, why it captivates the brain,

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Storyhacking: Why Storytelling Isn’t Enough Anymore

Flip through any social media feed and you’re bound to come across an inspiring quote about “story”. There’s no fighting it. We’re citizens of a narrative-driven marketplace, recipients of Super Bowl segments that capture our imaginations and stir our emotions so much, we’d think we were

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