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How Should We Think About Creating & Cultivating Culture?


Creating Culture

As Andy Crouch says, we only “change culture by creating more of it.” For decades, the problem of starving children in third world countries has been known to many, but most have never felt a tangible way to engage. Michael Chitwood, the founder of Team World Vision (the fastest-growing charity

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Making a Difference Right Where You Are

Can you still live out your calling if you're in a place that you didn't really expect? During this Q Women talk, Deidra Riggs tells the story of how God was moving in places, even if she wasn't expecting to be in them.

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What If?

Founder of Mosaic in Los Angeles, Erwin McManus challenges the church to imagine "what if?" It's a question with unlimited answers. One that opens you up to consider ideas, perspectives, even people you may never have before. Yet even in such a seemingly unlimited vision, he admits that the most

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The Imagination Wars

While the world might offer only a vision for pursuing happiness at all costs, Christians can offer a better story. Christians can recognize the truth of people's pain, sit with it and imagine renewal through it. Founder of Q, Gabe Lyons challenges Christians to be part of shaping the cultural

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