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Is Competition Good For Us?


Sports Obsession

Sports are one of the most notable places in which people are highly, almost violently competitive - and yet sports can be good for us, too. So where do we go wrong? How does healthy competition become something much darker? In this excerpt from his talk at Q Nashville in

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Competition? Among Christian Pastors?

But somehow I got the impression that feelings of competition were not appropriate for a Christian. When I wanted to do something better than others, I certainly felt I should not mention it. I had learned deeply that to compete with someone made that person an object, dehumanized him or

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World Cup Competition and Collaboration

But something perhaps as remarkable as the game itself is that a celebration of nationalism as extravagant as the World Cup, where even the most hesitantly patriotic drape themselves in national colors, serves as a remarkably peaceful convergence point for people who would never otherwise meet. Painted from head to

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The Confidence Gap

For some clues about the role that nurture plays in the confidence gap, let’s look to a few formative places: the elementary-school classroom, the playground, and the sports field. School is where many girls are first rewarded for being good, instead of energetic, rambunctious, or even pushy. But while

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Collaborating in Community

So much hype around the idea of collaboration, but what is it really? How do we work alongside others and advance their projects even if it doesn’t advance our own? The opportunity for cultural goods and ideas to move forward, based purely on an ability to create collaborative environments,

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