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What Are Ways We Can Be Intentional in Our Relationships?


Q Backstage: David Sudarma (MissionHub)

How can technology be used to advance the gospel? David shares a vision for missional living that brings the components of demonstrating and communicating the gospel together. Hear about a new way to take small steps to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those in our circle of influence.

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An Unlikely Friendship

When probation officer Tiffany Whittier was assigned to self-avowed white supremacist Michael Kent, an unlikely friendship developed, eventually leading Michael away from a life of racism. Tiffany and Michael will talk about building relationships in unexpected places and finding safe spaces to grow while standing firm in our convictions.

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The Future of Discipleship

The very last words of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew are summed up in The Great Commission, a call for the Church to make disciples. Yet the Church has approached this process in different ways throughout history. How are today’s Christians carrying out the Great Commission, and what

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Social Media & Relationships

In a survey led by Donna Freitas, 73% of student respondents say they strive to appear happy or positive when it comes to anything attached to their real name. What are the repercussions of this happiness standard and the perceptions we form of ourselves online?

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Unlikely Allies

We’ve been drawing religious lines in the sand for hundreds of years, using varying standards to determine who’s “in” and who’s “out.” How can Christians work for peace within culture if we can’t get it right amongst ourselves? Ted Trimpa, gay rights activist, and Jim Daly,

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