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What Characteristics Make A Good Leader?


Humility in the Time of “Me”

Over the past half century, America has moved from a culture of self-effacement to a culture of self-expression: think Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. A recent TIME magazine cover called out the "Me, Me, Me Generation" and the ways today's culture and technologies feed a present narcissism. But even with this

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Defining Love

How ought we think about love? The most fundamental of virtues, the term has come to be maligned as an equal to "sex". In our cultural moment, we are told to "love" everyone-an attempt to demean the word to a trite and a simple affirmation of the other. Have we

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Fierce Convictions

Why should our deepest beliefs compel us to action? Maya Angelou called courage the most important of virtues. Lesser-known but equally influential in her age is Hannah More, poet, abolitionist, and reformer from the 1800s. Like Angelou, More's extraordinary legacy is marked by her unordinary courage. In her book Fierce

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