Q Questions

What Is Our Relationship To The Spiritual World?


Q&A: Exorcism & The Spiritual Reality

Learning works best when we participate together. That’s why we created Q&A, a series that explores the big topics that come out of our Q Conference. We’re inviting you to participate with us as we watch these talks together, interact with the presenters and have opportunities for

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Release the Supernatural

As we gather with other city, church, and cultural leaders, we desire for transformation to come to those around us and the places we occupy. But what role do we really play in those results? How does God’s power intersect with our passion? In our information-saturated, result-oriented world, we

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It’s Personal

What does it look like to receive true healing, deliverance and breakthrough on the lies and things we've been believing for years? How do we truly discern the voice of God in the midst of the lies surrounding us? Lauren Tomlin shares ways to break the ties and agreements on

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Kingdom Virtues

The Kingdom of God enables people to live their fullest life within God’s love and provision, and Tony Evans seeks to bring this message and reality to diverse groups of people. Tony will help us think through what it means to be Kingdom-oriented in our thinking, actions, and faith

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