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What Responsibilities Do We Have To Ensure Safe, Healthy Environments?


Mapping Environmental Injustice

Maps show how the poor disproportionately live in some of the worst environmental places. Resource economist Rusty Pritchard helps us focus our understanding of place and space toward an awareness of the geography in which we live. He helps us understand how past decisions have created unjust environments for under-resourced

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The Green Church

In all my years of ministry, I never saw this coming. Caring for the environment was a value I rediscovered through a series of conversations and hours spent seeking God about what my response as a Christian leader should be to growing environmental problems. My conviction grew that the church

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What Is Environmental Health?

Many in our communities suffer from the rising air- and water-borne toxin levels in our local environments. From Asthma to Autism, one of the most hotly contested debates in the medical world today is, "How much does our polluted environment contribute to our diseases and sicknesses?" In this important Q

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