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What Will We Remember About 2015?


Understanding The Headlines

For about three months this summer it seemed as though the world was falling apart. I can’t remember a period in my lifetime in which so many awful events happened so quickly. And now, though months have passed, none of them have really been resolved. Here’s my quick

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Ten Global Elections to Watch in 2015

Though many American political junkies will spend 2015 speculating about presidential contenders, you can get a more immediate fix by watching the following slate of important races across the globe. From high-profile gubernatorial and mayoral races in the United States to pivotal national elections abroad, 2015 offers a host of dynamic electoral

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What Will Be The Next Big Tech Trend?

Goodwater Capital co-founder Eric Kim on what to expect from technology in the year ahead. About Goodwater Capital: Goodwater Capital invests in early stage consumer technology companies. We believe entrepreneurship is a gift for solving problems and meeting one another’s needs. We work alongside exceptional entrepreneurs as they build

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The Global Conflicts to Watch in 2015

Foreign policy often involves making difficult and debatable choices about which parts of the world matter more to a given country—and which, by extension, matter less. It’s about defining national interests and determining where those interests are most evident and endangered. This is why the United States has

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5 Reasons To Be Optimistic About The Future in 2015

As we enter the year 2015, it seems like the headlines have never been worse. A conflict in Ukraine has sparked a new Cold War between Russia and the west. Deadly terrorist groups like ISIL and Boko Haram threaten entire states. The Ebola outbreak threatened to become a global pandemic. And

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