A New View by Q Ideas

At Q, we often find ourselves gravitating toward other people, organizations, agencies and initiatives seeking to accomplish some very similar things. Coming together to find beauty and truth in the ordinary and the extraordinary, our Q community reflects all channels of culture, but with one goal - seeking to nurture and pursue the common good. Q ideas are intended to celebrate this unique pursuit toward creating a better world.

A fresh initiative Q is excited to announce is a newly launching television network called Halogen TV. With a primary demographic specifically targeted toward young students and recent grads, humanitarians and connectors; all socially conscious and aware of their immediate and larger cultural and influential spheres. It’s no surprise that we would be eager to share this launch with our Q community.

“Halogen TV is network devoted to empowering entertainment. Halogen TV’s content, based on the core elements of justice, purpose, connection and beauty, speaks to the core of who people are then encourages and empowers them to realize their potential and leave their mark on the world around them.” (From the Halogen TV website)

Starting with a website intended to connect, share and learn, Halogen will grow and move into television as an expanded media platform. This fall, Halogen TV will initially be available in more than 12 million homes across the U.S.

Watch out for the launch of this new network and see a movement of thoughtful programming emerge into the television market.