Announcing Q 2012 | Washington, D.C. by Gabe Lyons

In a presidential election year, we felt there was no better place for Q to host 700 cultural leaders than our nation’s capital. Q is no ordinary gathering—it is a calling to all Christian leaders to be thoughtful and faithful as we engage a rapidly changing culture. As a part of this community, I hope you’ll seriously consider joining us. View the event website here.

Many young Christians have backed away from political involvement. Going near “politics” is the last thing they want to do. Yet, as believers committed to the common good, it’s unavoidable to consider what our role in participating with local, state and national government ought to be. At Q Washington D.C. on April 10-12, 2012, we intend to offer big ideas on this and other pressing issues facing a new generation of Christians in our culture.

Government leaders distrust working with evangelical Christians while many Christian leaders distrust working with the government. Rebuilding a bridge of trust between these two influential groups is an essential step in pursuing the common good in our time. We see Q Washington, D.C. as an essential place where we can work together to begin reconstructing what a proper relationship between Christian leaders and the government may look like in a post-Religious Right era.

Apart from its role in politics, Washington, D.C. is unique among American cities. “The District,” as residents call it, boasts a metropolitan population of more than five million, but you won’t find a single skyscraper shading its streets. Still, Washington, D.C. is a feast of art and architecture, museums and monuments. From world-class restaurants to national treasures, D.C. has something for everyone. From business to the church, the social sector to media, and education to the arts, this town affects every channel of culture. We have strategically placed Q at the center of those conversations with the hope of offering different lenses through which followers of Jesus view the common good in all areas of culture.

We’ve selected The Andrew Mellon Auditorium to serve as our host venue for Q Washington D.C. in 2012. With its neo-classical design, participants will have the opportunity to experience the architecture so closely associated with the historic D.C. ethos. Aside from its architectural beauty, Mellon Auditorium’s prime location on Constitution Avenue is across from the National Museum of American History and within walking distance to important landmarks such as The White House, Washington Monument and The U.S. Capitol. In addition to the content at the Q gathering, we are planning for our participants to explore and experience the rich history offered to them in our nation’s capitol.

As usual, Q will be taking on issues like our divisive political environment, the gospel and power, public education, journalism in a new era, social entrepreneurship, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, our international responsibilities, and how to restore church in the heart of American cities. Included among the lineup of important presentations are Miroslav Volf on Public Faith and the Common Good, Roberta Ahmanson presenting on The Lost Art of Patronage, author Andy Crouch on Power and Fashion Photographer Chidi Achara presenting on Fashion Imagery. Click here to see a few more of the 35 presentations that Q is carefully curating for your education and experience. Check back often to stay up to date on the latest topics and presentations.

The most compelling reason to attend Q is the people that you’ll meet. Our highest value is to cultivate an environment for leaders and innovators from every sphere of society to begin life-long friendships and partnerships that can restore the fabric of our culture. Please join us.

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