Conversations on the Common Good | Q Washington DC Round-up by Q Ideas

Where do you hear discussions on Humility, Power, and
crack-houses-turned-coffee-shop-churches in gilded halls of grandeur? At
the 5th anniversary of the Q gathering at Q Washington, D.C.. We kicked off the celebration
with a free live stream during the
first day, which you can watch here.
Day Two was full of provocative presentations on racial justice in our
legal system, trauma as a place of service, the role of tradition and
imagination in the future of the church, and others. Over the course of two and a half days, more than 700 cultural leaders were exposed to challenging conversations. Keep your eyes open for the fruits of these labors.

If you missed Q Washington, D.C., sign up here to get all of the talks online available May 31st. If you want to be part of these culture-shaping conversations, don’t miss Q LA in April 2013.

Search #QDC to read the conversations that began at the Andrew Mellon Auditorium. Here is a sample of the top tweets from the conference:

@Qideas: “Power is for flourishing. Who is flourishing because you have power?” Andy Crouch

@RebekahLyons: Humility is not low self esteem. Humility is low self-preoccupation. -David Brooks

@MichaelRudzena: We live in a time where we cast off restraint because we have lost prophetic vision - Roberta Ahmanson

@Chanelonline: In politics, Christians should always ask, “How does this policy impact the poorest and most vulnerable?” - Jim Wallis

@beartiamart: Criticize by creating - Michelangelo

@wkeithnix: Chai Ling - Tienanmen Square leader telling the story abortion, abuse, and trafficking of women in China

@KatelynBeaty Evangelicals have a knowledge addiction with a discipleship deficiency

@CalebClardy: It becomes really problematic when we start to treat human beings like consumer products.

@cliffcunningham inspiring me to do something more.

@mattmikalatos “books are a gift from the body of Christ to the body of Christ.” Byron Borger

@peterkgreer: People say they want “justice”, but they really want “just us.” Measure of a nation is how they treat the most vulnerable. Os Guinness #qdc

@Amyleighcutler Trauma is the greatest mission field of the 21st century. Heaven left heaven for the mess of our own hearts. #QDC Diane Langberg

@guywasko God is reconciling all creation to Himself & He’s doing it through people. @drantbradley on Kuyper #QDC @Qideas

@sandramccracken “There’s more to life than soul maintenance. When we do good work, we please God.” -Stephen Grabill on common grace #QDC

@Caitiehlushak “The opposite of poverty is not wealth. The opposite of poverty is justice.” Bryan Stevenson #QDC

@MelLawrenz “Christians should stop treating the Holy Land like Disney Land.” @sami_awad #QDC

Gabe Lyons and the Q Team weren’t the only ones welcoming participants to Q. Watch President Barack Obama’s exclusive welcome to participants below.