Peace Between Israelis and Palestinians - Really? by Christianity Today

Is peace out of reach? Dale Hanson Bourke doesn't think so. In this article, published in November 2013, she argues that Christians ought to pray for and be hopeful about peace, based on experiences she's had in the region that give her hope. She refuses to be cynical, and asks Christians to join her.

Cynics are quick to criticize these peace talks, which they believe will prove to be just another in a failed series. Others see them as a futile exercise that will only raise expectations and create more bitterness. And then there are those who have written off the entire Middle East as “a mess” and are simply disengaged from the issues.

But I’m not one of those people. I continue to pray, hope and believe in peace for the Holy Land. I support the talks and believe that they can succeed. And I ask other Christians to join me.

My hope does not come from naïve optimism, but from time spent in the region, researching and writing about the conflict and meeting with people who live with the effects of it daily. A skeptic at the beginning of my journey, I was first surprised and then greatly moved by the people I met there who are working—often sacrificially—for peace.

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