School Choice and Certain Vulnerability by Comment Magazine

In this article, originally published by Comment, Scott Vedder - who has taught in both private Christian schools and public schools - explains the process by which he and his wife decided where to send their own children. He lays out the pros and cons of both options, and exhorts the reader, "Consider your priorities when you choose a school for your child. Then, pray like heck that you made the right decision."

Finding the right educational opportunities for their children is not a task that most parents take lightly—nor should they. The formative hours spent under the guidance of teachers and their curriculum will change the way children think, act, and learn. How can a parent approach making such an important decision?

As a teacher who has spent multiple years teaching in a Reformed Christian school and even more teaching in several public schools, I’d like to share my story of choosing the education for my own kids. I hope to shed some light on some of the limitations and strengths of both systems, but not with exhaustive, objective analysis. My goal is simply to point out the differences as my family sees them, and let you ponder for yourself.

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