Supporting Our Friends In Haiti by Gabe Lyons

We’ve heard from many of you who are involved in the Haitian Earthquake recovery effort in significant ways. We wanted to give you a few links to those who are working on every area of this effort, from rescue and relief to long-term development. Please consider any ways you and your church can help love our neighbors in such a critical moment.

Prayer and giving money are the two immediate ways to support the effort in Haiti.

Roger Sandberg’s organization MedAir arrives on the ground in Haiti tomorrow. They have a strong background in both relief and development. They need prayer for safety and security and money to advance immediate relief efforts. You can support them at

Joshua Dubois with the White House Faith Based Office offered the following link on the advantages of monetary donations along with a link to monitor the situation at

Obviously, a minimal thing everyone can do is donate $10 by texting “HAITI” to “90999” and it will charge to your mobile phone bill.

Once the relief effort stabilizes, attention will turn to the ongoing redevelopment of Haiti’s economy. Two leaders who have been working in Haiti for many years are well positioned to help in this effort.

Hope International, led by Peter Greer, have developed a vibrant microfinance ministry with the poorest of the poor in Haiti. They are immediately trying to locate their current clients and provide relief through their teams on the ground. Long term, they will be key part of the redevelopment effort and providing hope that recovery is possible. You can support their “Relief and Redevelopment Fund” at

Scott Sabin’s organization, Plant with Purpose, has been working in Haiti since 1997 to eradicate poverty through reforestation efforts, soil conservation, and community savings and loan groups.

A few other friends have offered their input, expertise and perspective on the current situation.

Joanna and Rusty Pritchard wrote a great piece today that sheds light on Haiti’s history and offered ideas for how the church can affect the long term support needed. Joanna’s research background in Haitian history and culture made this particularly informative.

Don Miller offered a nice perspective on the Pat Robertson comment…

Photographer Jeremy Cowart will join a Hope International team arriving on Saturday to capture the stories of suffering, redemption and restoration and then share them with the world.

I know many of your churches will be getting involved immediately in supporting the effort. Its great to see this collection of leaders using their talents, platforms and resources to show up when our neighbors in the world need it most.