Why We Send Our Children To The Poorest Public School by This is Our City

In this provocative article, first published by Christianity Today's "This is Our City" project, Jennifer Slate tells her family's story, explaining how she and her husband decided to put their children into the poorest public school in Charlottesville, Virginia. For them, she says, the decision was as much about their neighbors as it was about their family. For their family, the choice was a way of trusting God.

It would be fairly easy to take my children back to an all-white, all-Christian, all-moneyed, educated world. And in times of doubt, I think about doing it. Like when my children miss out on amazing class field trips. And when our son’s basketball team has to wear uniforms that are two sizes too big, and one player wears duct tape around his shorts to hold them up. Or when I am tired of spending money and sharing with others. When I am tired of having my comfort interrupted and confronted. When I doubt that any of this is worth doing at all.

But it is worth it. Not only for the other children to have experiences of dignity and hope and joy, not only for my children who are learning that everyone is not just like them, and that the world doesn’t revolve around them either. It is worth it also for me. I am trusting God, and trusting that the “best life” is this one that he has given us. Trusting that he is the One ultimately working for common good, trusting that he is inviting me to work with him, and with all the other families, teachers, coaches, and neighbors here.

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