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Alex Lerza

Co-Founder and CEO of R|Tribe, Psychotherapist, Speaker, Author
As a therapist, speaker and writer, Alex helps people experience the gift of sexual and relational wholeness. He currently works in Los Gatos, CA as well on online sessions. Prior to working as a therapist, Alex spent 6 years as a college pastor at Stanford University, San Jose State University and Santa Clara University. Though he comes from a place of faith, Alex has treated clients from all creeds and walks of life. Since Alex feels called to the area of sexual wholeness, he became an Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. He also became certified in two trauma-reduction therapies– Affect Management Skills Training and Affect Centered Therapy. Alex is available to speak on the issues of Sexual Addiction and the Brain, Pornography and the Adolescent Brain, Internet Safety at Home and Understanding Teens and Social Media. Alex has written a curriculum specifically designed to help teens overcome pornography addiction. It is a 10 week program that includes a workbook, group and individual meetings (also included is a parent seminar that will help parents know how to support their teen's recovery).