Q Contributors

Greg Holder

Author, Lead Pastor of The Crossing
In 1997, Greg accepted the position of lead pastor at The Crossing, a small startup church in the St. Louis area with less than 100 people. Now, over 20 years later, The Crossing reaches 8,000 people across 4 local campuses and a thriving online community.

Greg is a co-creator of the Advent Conspiracy movement which now has thousands of churches and individuals around the world celebrating Christmas with simplicity while giving generously to those in need. A second edition of Advent Conspiracy will be published November 2018. Greg was also a contributing writer for The Voice, a new translation of scripture.

Over the last two decades, the impact of Greg’s ministry has grown outside of the St. Louis area. He speaks at a variety of conferences and churches around the world about leadership and culture. Visit the partners page to read more about the local and global organizations Greg partners with. To book Greg for a speaking gig, submit a form here.

His latest book The Genius of One, is about healthy culture—why it matters and how to get there. Greg’s passion for cooperative relationships shines through with his unique brand of humor and story-telling.