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Rusty Pritchard


Rusty has worked on economic development and environmental conservation for nearly 30 years, first in academia (Ph.D., natural resource economics), and then in the nonprofit world. He’s taught courses and lectured worldwide in economics and ecology, community development, climate change, and environmental justice. He’s worked directly in poor communities in the US and in Haiti.

As Vice President at Tearfund USA, Rusty is able to combine his research background in global issues with his passion to communicate a model of community development that challenges simplistic notion of poverty as a mere lack of stuff.

Rusty’s wife, Joanna Pritchard, works at the Task Force for Global Health, where she tracks global progress in eradicating ten neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).

Rusty is also vice-chair of the Atlanta Audubon Society. Rusty, Joanna, and their three children (aged 11, 16 and 19) are adamant that “bird” is a verb, and they spend many happy hours birding in Georgia’s mountains, forests, and swamps.

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