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Sheikh Mohammed

Judge of Sidon, Lebanon
Sheikh Muhammed Abu Zaid, a self-described salafi, is the Chairman of the Sunni Court of Saida [Sidon] in Lebanon. An expert in Islamic jurisprudence, as well as a leader of a local mosque, Sheikh Mohammed has become known for strategic initiatives and partnerships to meet the needs of Syrian refugee children that have settled in his region. His passion and cultural understanding has assisted groups like World Vision in mobilizing effective interfaith assistance and a variety of faith leaders in responding to the crisis.

Sheikh Mohammad has been a vocal opponent of violent extremism and terrorism in whatever faith form it finds itself. With practical leadership in the greatest refugee crisis since World War II, he provides an insider’s view and analysis of Lebanon and the Syria crisis.  Many US leaders are skeptical of cooperation with Muslims given the challenges of religious extremism. While Sheikh is a self-identified Islamic conservative, he contradicts common stereotypes. Sheikh Mohammad is a great resource for understanding how an Islamic view of human rights and religious freedom contributes to the well-being of all Muslims and their neighbors.

He is married to Safaa El Saleh and has three young children.