Learning Communities

Learning Communities

Participants will select a learning community to experience on Saturday morning.

These opportunities encourage participants to go deeper into a specific topic by getting firsthand education from leaders with high levels of expertise and practical work. Leaders will be invited to interact and collaborate around a topic they care about and at times, give creative, strategic and directional input to an area of cultural renewal in need of ideation.

Ecology of a City

Greg Thompson, New City Commons


What does it mean and take to thrive in your city and how can you contribute? Developed for all of the stakeholders working on and for the common good of their cities, Thriving Cities offers a framework for creating opportunities and fostering “unusual coalitions” of citizens across religious, racial and ideological divisions engaging the problem of pluralism in a unique way to see our cities truly thrive. Learn from a team of experts committed to working for the thriving of our communities as not only an empirical science, but also a moral, civic and political art.

Location: History Colorado Center: Martin Foundation Room, 1200 Broadway , Denver, CO 80203
Transportation: 1/2 Mile Walk (12-Minutes)

Writer's Workshop

Jonathan Merritt, Author; Christopher Ferebee, Literary Agent


Many of us feel we have a story to tell, but don't know how. Even if we did, who would read it? Although over two million books are published each year, only about 150 of them become bestsellers or achieve 100,000 or more in sales. This experience offers current and future authors access to top-tier industry leaders from the exclusive Writer's Boot Camp retreat. They will explore how to succeed in 21st Century publishing and provide tangible next steps to release the story inside of you.

Location: Galvanize, 1644 Platte Street, Denver, CO 80218
Transportation: 1.5 Mile Car / Cab Drive (8-Minutes) or utilize Free 16th Street MallRide to Union Station and short walk.

Fly Fishing


A unique blend of art, science and sport, learn about one of the greatest “unknown” sports in the world by perfecting your skills or trying your hand for the first time as a participant in a proud community of fly anglers.

Transportation: Provided

Colorado Front Range Hike

Expedition Backcountry Adventures


Experience the beautiful Colorado Front Range in a way only our friends at Expedition Backcountry Adventures can curate. Operating under the belief that wild places help craft identity shaping experiences, providing a glimpse of what is possible all while creating a lasting memory. Join us for a half-day hike on the Front Range.

Location: Colorado Front Range
Transportation: Provided from TNL, 3220 South Acoma Street, Englewood, CO 80110

Renewing the City

Mel McGowan, Visioneering


Leaders interested in seeing firsthand how cities re-imagine their existence and then build it will love this walking tour. From the 16th Street spin to LoDo to the emerging Union Station neighborhood, explore a city’s birth, demise and urban renewal.

Location: Guided Walk
Transportation: Meet at Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel

Loving Muslims in the Age of ISIS

Jeremy Courtney, Preemptive Love Coalition


Do you worry when you see a Muslim board a plane? Do you feel afraid after attacks in Paris and Brussels? What does it mean to love our neighbors when some propose a “ban on Muslims”? Hosted by a humanitarian leader who’s lived in the Middle East for a decade.


Rock Climbing

Expedition Backcountry Adventures


For all people of all skill types, our friends at Expedition Backcountry Adventures will share an introduction to rock climbing and then spend an extended time on the Colorado Front Range top-rope climbing next to Clear Creek. Experience an opportunity unlike any other to learn the skill of rock climbing all while learning about yourself - where you have been, wrestling with where you are, and dreaming about who you will become.

Location: Colorado Front Range / Golden, CO
Transportation: Provided from TNL, 3220 South Acoma Street, Englewood, CO 80110

People to be Loved

Preston Sprinkle, New York Times Best-Selling Author; Bill J. Henson, Jr., Lead Them Home


Explore what it means to be human and sexual while standing on truth and love. We will consider ways to bring people of different sexual orientations together to discover what we have in common and discuss why being made in the image of God matters more than individual sexual orientations.

Location: The Hive on 16th, 403 16th Street, FL 3, Denver, CO 80202
Transportation: 2 Block Walk (3-Minutes)

Denver Flyover

Tom Melton, Catalyst Leadership Forum; Jeff Puckett, JetLinx


Connect with like-minded leaders on the ground prior to experiencing Denver from the skies through a vantage point few have seen. Experience a guided helicopter tour of the city and share vision for uniting the Church and using your calling to advance good in creative ways.

Location: Centennial Airport (Jet Linx), 7800 S Peoria Street, Englewood, CO 80112
Transportation: 15-Mile Car / Cab Ride (25-Minutes)

Ski & Snowboard Experience

Randal Schroeder


On mountain Ski/Snowboard experience providing opportunity to enjoy some turns together while discussing the implications of relationship style ministry in context of a niche sub-culture ski/snowboard community.

Location: Copper Mountain
Transportation: Provided

Foster Care & Adoption

Brian Mavis, America’s Kids Belong; Julie Mavis, Dream Makers


An African proverb says When two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. In the world of foster care, when the Church and State don't work together, it is the kids who suffer. Learn how the Government and Church can collaborate to help end the foster care crisis.

Location: Grant Humphrey’s Mansion, 770 Pennsylvania Street, Denver, CO 80203
Transportation: 1.5 Mile Car / Cab Drive (6-Minutes)

Life Planning

Pete Richardson, Life Coach


Discover the importance of knowing your purpose in life, redefining your life mission, or organizing and balancing around a clear life purpose.

Location: Thrive Workplace (Cherry Creek Location), 201 Milwaukee Street - Suite 200, Denver, CO 80206
Transportation: 2.2 Mile Car / Cab Drive (8-Minutes)

Principles for Sustainable Nonprofit Leadership

Mike Rusch, Pure Charity


Nonprofit and church leaders face a growing separation in the theology and practice of justice. A new approach is needed to unite a theology and practice of justice to create sustainable leadership, effective collaboration, and, ultimately, holistic restoration to the people, communities, and cultures being served.

Location: Thrive Workplace (Ballpark Location), 1415 Park Avenue W, Denver, CO 80205
Transportation: 1 Mile Walk or Car / Cab Drive

Race, Bias & Reconciliation

David Bailey, Arrabon; Adam Thomason, Author, Red Revolution


Leaders interested in how to identify and overcome prejudices will leave with insights on how to work and worship together. From racial prejudices to implicit biases, be empowered to recognize and reconcile racial differences in your community.

Location: Shift Workspaces, 383 Corona St, Denver, CO 80218

When the American Economy Moves West

Trevor Lee, Made to Flourish


Last year Colorado’s population grew by 101,000. This explosive growth is fueling an economic whirlwind. There is tremendous opportunity and significant challenge. We'll explore how businesses and each of us can engage for the common good from the picturesque view of Denver afforded by the Denver Institute for Faith & Work Offices.

Location: Denver Institute for Faith & Work, 600 Grant Street, Suite 722, Denver, CO 80203
Transportation: 1.5 Mile Car / Cab Drive (5-Minutes)