Q + World Vision

Taking on the Greatest Needs of Our Day

Join Q and World Vision to advance good in the hardest places for the most vulnerable people.

Q is partnering with World Vision, the leading expert and educator for global humanitarian relief, community development and advocacy, to tackle the greatest needs of our day.

We invite you to join us by investing your time, energy and resources to help the most vulnerable people in our world.

Current Issue: Syria

The Syrian Refugee crisis is the largest humanitarian crisis of our day. 4.5 million people, half of which are children, have fled violence, and 8 million more are internally displaced within Syria. As a member of the Q community, you are uniquely positioned to help elevate crucial conversations on how to respond to some of the toughest issues in the hardest places.

Q is partnering with World Vision to empower you with ways to engage in this moment and help you inspire your sphere of influence to act now.

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