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Does Religion Contribute to Society?


The Halo Effect

Forty-six percent of Americans believe religion is part of the problem in our society. Yet faith is the motivation for many of the critical social services and programs that benefit the most vulnerable populations. Congregations, faith-based businesses, and charities lift people up in times of need in ways that few

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Faith By The Numbers

There’s a growing belief that religion doesn’t contribute to American society, but the numbers don’t support it. Religion in the United States today contributes a combined $1.2 trillion to our economy and society. These expenditures range from the basic economic drivers of any business – staff, overhead, utilities – to

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Assessing the Faith-Based Response to Homelessness in America

It has been argued that poverty, social-class disparities, and poor social conditions are the world’s most pervasive public health problems and thus responsible for an enormous toll in health-related suffering. Poverty leads to disparities in morbidity, mortality, and disability, in terms of both physical and mental health. And poverty

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The Socio-Economic Contributions of Religion to American Society

In a panel conversation, Dr. Brian Grim of Georgetown University and Melissa Grim of the Newseum Institute unveiled their groundbreaking new study: "The Socio-economic Contribution of Religion to American Society: An Empirical Analysis." The first-of-its-kind study analyzed the economic impact of 344,000 religious congregations around the country, in addition to quantifying

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Six Practices of the Church: The Way Forward

Six Practices of the Church The Christian church in the West is struggling to embody faithfulness in a culture that is rapidly changing. Many church leaders labor under a nagging sense that they need help—both in the work of understanding their culture and in the work of teaching their

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The Restorer-Minded Church

What would it look like for a church to not only release its people into the world to fulfill their mission but to come beside them to enable their dreams? In Portland, one of the most progressive and unchurched cities in America, Imago Dei has learned how to empower their

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