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Have We Sacrificed Ministry for The Sake of Success?


The Burden Is Light

Following the way of Jesus in contemporary culture is challenging – the amount of needs and opportunities to pursue can feel overwhelming. In this talk, pastor and author Jon Tyson offers insight into how we can allow Jesus to shoulder this burden for us, and how that empowers us to more

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Reverence Over Cool

Some believe Christians are on the wrong side of history on any number of fronts, and that we don’t quite “get” the cultural moment in which we live. Yet throughout Church history, the pursuit to honor God, seek righteousness, walk justly and love mercy has rooted faith no matter

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The Comparison Trap

Have you fallen into the comparison trap? Are you burdened by someone else’s call or expectations rather than God’s? What whispers in your soul have you been silencing out of fear or shame or pressure or expectation? What would happen if you amplified rather than silenced that call

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New Not Next

In a rapidly changing culture, a haunting question for the church is "what's next?" However, trying to anticipate the whim of the cultural tides can keep us perpetually one step behind and inhibit our ability to lead. What if we are asking the wrong question? How can the ways God's

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The Gospel Revisited

The way we share the story of God’s work in history and God’s work in our lives reveals the kind of gospel in which we believe. Tim Keel is convinced that many of us have come to believe in a gospel that is limited. And then we go

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