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How Can Business Advance The Common Good?


Business for the Common Good

Oxfam’s recent global wealth study found that the world’s richest one percent hold more wealth than the poorest 50 percent combined. In addition, fewer than 800 companies control 80 percent of global wealth. Not all large companies are hoarding wealth and resources, however. In establishing its Ottercares Foundation, gadget company Otterbox

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Praxis Entrepreneurship 2017

Two Praxis Fellows—entrepreneurs who have participated in the Praxis Accelerator— share their big ideas in the form of a short pitch. Having been voted most compelling at Q 2017's Praxis Entrepreneur Pitch Night, you will hear the vision and model of two organizations (for profit and non-profit) that are

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Lessons From A Start Up Mentality

When Jessica Kim was in college, she started her first business out of her dorm room. As a business-minded anthropologist, she shares what can be learned about having great ideas, loving people well and how truly caring can make solutions that create better lives.

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Legacy in Business

As the president of Hobby Lobby, Steve Green has found great success in business. He understands that prosperity is meant to help others, and be used for good. Hear his story of philanthropy, and his commitment to his lasting legacy of making the Bible more accessible and understood for generations

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