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How Can Christians and Muslims Work Together?


Reflections in the Wake of the Paris Attacks

The term “interconnectedness” is ubiquitously used to describe the effects of social media, global markets, or international travels. After the November 13 Paris attacks, this term took on a new meaning as the flow of global empathy reached me as a French citizen. I received emails, phone calls, flowers, cards, and

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Yes, You Can Make a Difference in Syria

I hear it all the time: What difference can I make when the world’s problems seem so big, so complicated, and so intractable? This is especially the case in a place like Syria. The US government can’t stop this war, so how can I make a difference with

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Reflections On Christian Muslim Dialogue

I was talking with the editor of the Urdu Journal who was also a scholar at the Islamic Research Institute in Islamabad, Pakistan. “What is the chief purpose of man?” he asked. (He was not aware of inclusive language.) Being a Presbyterian who still remembered at least the first question

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Restoring Hearts in Iraq

In a world where governments wage wars thousands of miles away, it’s difficult to imagine how individual Christians can live out the call of Jesus to be peacemakers. But in the wake of the Iraq War, Jeremy Courtney has found a way. As executive director of Preemptive Love Coalition,

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Religious Freedom and the Common Good

At times, preserving religious liberty has been dismissed as nothing more than a partisan effort to protect Christians from a messy world. But there is a deeper question in play: how can we pursue the common good in a world of divergent and deeply held convictions? Andy Crouch, author and

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