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How Can Christians Steward Opportunities To Grow Both Professionally And Personally?



Who or what deems an idea legitimate? Many people of faith think because their ideas are true, everyone should listen, pay attention, and do as they suggest. Malcolm Gladwell helps us understand how the process by which ideas are debated, opinions are formed, and a process is communicated can have

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Artists and Poets

With a Cinderella story of drug-dealer-turned-Jesus-lover, Lecrae is the only artist to ever debut an album that simultaneously topped the Billboard 200 and Gospel charts. For any musician, such an accomplishment is simply an Anomaly, the very title of the album that got him there. Lecrae inspires us all to see

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Our Inner Life

In his book The Selfless Way of Christ, Henri Nouwen points to three great temptations of upward mobility: the desires to be relevant, spectacular, and powerful. Amidst the busyness of society and pressures to obtain success, it can be easy to lose sight of what's most important. Denver Seminary Chancellor

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Mental Health

How can we calm our anxious brains? Mental health is of great concern in our nation as the number of people diagnosed with depression approaches 20% in our country. The U.S. spends $42 billion a year on anxiety disorders alone and one in four middle-aged adults take prescription drugs to fight

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Preserving Our Hearts

Leadership can be lethal. For every public figure who falls from grace, there are countless others who, while outwardly excelling, are inwardly wasting away. Why is this so? Is it simply the price of leadership? Or, is it possible to lead the way without losing ourselves along the way?

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