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How Can Corporate Profits Help Communities Thrive?


People Over Profits

Brands dominate our mental spaces, often convincing us buying their products will affirm our unique identity and somehow make our lives better. Dale Partridge, CEO and Co-Founder of, questions whether a brand, in fact, can contribute to the common good.

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Profit Is Not A Dirty Word

Today’s college students tend to view business the same way they view underage drinking: do it if you must, but don’t admit it in polite company. “Nonprofit,” on the other hand, has become synonymous with “giving back.” But, take away the first three letters of the word and

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Is it Wrong to Pursue a Profit?

That the primary goal of business is to earn a profit has reached the status of unquestioned cultural assumption. While people in other fields of work can readily point to the social contributions they make—physicians heal, teachers enlighten minds, and ministers bring people closer to God—business people can

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