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How Can Extending Hospitality Enable Us To Share The Gospel?


A Muslim Conversion

How can extending hospitality enable us to share the gospel? In the last five years, the number of forcibly displaced individuals worldwide has increased by 31.4 million, with the United States admitting 84,995 refugees last year. David Nasser knows firsthand the challenges of being a refugee in America, having fled with his

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The Both/And of the Gospel

The 21st century church often polarizes itself into those who are culturally engaged, missionary minded and socially involved and those who emphasize the preservation and preaching of orthodox doctrine and evangelism. The former cause the latter of truncating the story of God's purposes in the world. The latter believe that

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Foster Care & Adoption

As adopted children of God, how can we reflect that relationship to the world we serve? Action must be taken to provide care for children in the foster system who’ve never experienced the love of a family to call their own. Adopt Colorado Kids executive, Julie Mavis, shares the

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