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How Can The Church Work Towards Racial Reconciliation?


Practicing Disruption

If our churches should reflect the Kingdom of God, why are so many racially segregated? Building a healthy faith community necessitates active pursuit of a multi-ethnic make-up, disrupting our comfort level. Mark DeYmaz, pastor of one of the most proven multi-ethnic churches in the nation will speak from his experience

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Systemic Preference

The inauguration of Barack Obama led to conjecture that America was officially a post-racial society. It is now evident that it will take more than the election of a person of color to move our nation past the systemic racism existing in workplaces, schools, and prisons. Adam Thomason, author of

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Bridging the Race Divide

The headlines tell the story of rising tensions in inner-city neighborhoods and around suburban dinner tables. From segregated churches and street protests to policing and profiling, this is a conversation in which every person of faith must engage. Pastor Chuck Mingo calls Christians to practice the kind of learning, listening,

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Race And America

The #blacklivesmatter movement receives mixed reception in culture and especially among Evangelical Christians. While some contend “all lives matter,” others recognize the special focus needed on to the continued struggle of being black in America. Michelle Higgins is an organizer and speaker who is on the front lines of the

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The Burning Church

Our culture is a tribute both to the promises of modernity, and the expectations those promises failed to meet. As those around us have become disillusioned, Christians often respond in two ways: we fight to regain lost ground, or accept the cultural shift. But what would it look like to

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Gentrification of Christianity

Theologian Stanley Hauerwas says that "the heart of the gospel is that you don't know Jesus without the witness of the Church." As church membership declines, will this witness be dampened? Writer and hip-hop artist, Sho Baraka, explores the history of the Christian faith, why its growth has slowed in

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Race, Righteous Anger and Resolution

Injustice, violence, discrimination, racism. As Christians, we cannot ignore the clashes around us, but how should we respond? Like Jesus overturning tables in the temple, is now a time for righteous anger? What does that phrase even mean? Lecrae is a voice that advocates against injustice in a way that

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Implicit Racial Bias

"Implicit Racial Bias" refers to subconscious preferences for members of our own group. This silent and subtle tendency to "otherize" has loud and lasting effects, from perpetuating racial prejudices inside society to reinforcing personal hidden biases. David Bailey talks about how diversity within the Kingdom is a reason for cultural

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