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How Can The Gospel Inform Our Everyday Lives?


The Gospel Revisited

The way we share the story of God’s work in history and God’s work in our lives reveals the kind of gospel in which we believe. Tim Keel is convinced that many of us have come to believe in a gospel that is limited. And then we go

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Q Backstage: Mark Mayhew

Mark Mayhew and Reframe provide a Biblical foundation for how God is renewing all of creation. How does our story and day to day life fit into God's story? Learn how Christians can better connect faith with all of life.

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Lessons From A Start Up Mentality

When Jessica Kim was in college, she started her first business out of her dorm room. As a business-minded anthropologist, she shares what can be learned about having great ideas, loving people well and how truly caring can make solutions that create better lives.

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The Both/And of the Gospel

The 21st century church often polarizes itself into those who are culturally engaged, missionary minded and socially involved and those who emphasize the preservation and preaching of orthodox doctrine and evangelism. The former cause the latter of truncating the story of God's purposes in the world. The latter believe that

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Snowboards and Calling

What if following your passion leads to worldly success, to wealth, fame, and power? What does service look like from here? Can you balance the pressures of success while seeking to make disciples? Snowboarder/Olympic Gold medalist Kelly Clark has wrestled with these questions while blazing a trail of calling

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Faith Based Investing

For many people, "getting my finances together" was on the resolutions list for 2014. But how does faith play into that? Many believe that faith and finances can't go together. But in divorcing our faith from business and investments, have we missed the opportunity for sustainable impact in the marketplace? Henry

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