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How Can We Be Agents Of Peace And Reconciliation?


Q Backstage: Reinhard Ziegler

Reinhard speaks of the vision that led to the creation of THE VESSEL, a non-profit that partners with people who are just beginning to pursue what a "life on mission" might look like. Based on the Gospel of Reconciliation, THE VESSEL is also exploring how all of us can learn

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The Future of Neighboring

What are things Christians can do on a practical level to bring a sense of community and caring back to their neighborhoods? Eugene Cho, Julie Mavis and Precious Jones share their insights from three very different perspectives and areas of influence.

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Becoming Human Again

We are increasingly losing touch with what it means to be human: how we treat one another, where meaning is derived from, and what purpose we are here to serve. Mark Sayers sees this not as a reason to despair, but as an opportunity for the church to meet the

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Beloved Community

Jesus said that the way believers demonstrate their love would communicate God’s love to a needy world. If that’s true, then shouldn’t we focus our passion and resources on becoming a community known by its love? Leroy Barber shares a grand vision of a beloved community. Image

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Can Israelis and Palestinians work together toward peace? In this clip from their talk at Q Nashville in April 2014, Bassam Aramin (a Palestinian) and Robi Damelin (an Israeli), both of whom have lost children in the conflict, talk about their unlikely friendship and their work together.

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