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How Can We Best Educate Children Who Shift Culture?


Train Up A Child

The child's brain - from infancy, to childhood, and into adolescence - is far more impressionable than the adult brain. Their neuroplasticity allows them to accept and retain large quantities of information that shape their thinking and development. As other religions intentionally instruct their kids to memorize their tenants, modern

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Q Backstage: Suzanne Phillips (Legacy Community Academy)

Legacy Community Academy aims to launch mission-minded student leaders to shape culture. Suzanne Phillips, one of the LCA's Board of Directors has spent years leading, facilitating, writing and soaking in women's bible studies. She helps us understand LCA's mission to partner with families to develop servant leaders through intentional education

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Patient Pluralism

Existing in an ideologically-diverse culture can be challenging, and often leads to individuals retreating behind their battle lines. David Coleman, President and Chief Executive Officer of The College Board, believes that institutional diversity, civil disagreement, and patience with others whose beliefs differ from yours creates the best learning environments.

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Intentional Diversity

Stuart Tutler and Paige Overton Pitts share their vision for New Hope Academy is a Christ-centered community school with an economically, racially, and culturally diverse student body. Listen in as they take the moment to speak into how they position their school to carry out the mission of racial reconciliation.

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