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How Can We Better Engage The Bible?


Q Backstage: Paul Caminiti

Recent data overwhelming reveals that while bibles are more ubiquitous than ever in America and around the world, Bible reading is in a free-fall. Paul shares a way forward for the Bible’s future, paying particular attention to the form by which we interact with it.

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State of the Bible 2017: Top Findings

Many Americans are searching for beacons of hope and moral grounding amidst uncertainty and perceived moral decline. Barna conducted the annual State of the Bible survey, commissioned by American Bible Society, to examine behaviors and beliefs about the Bible among U.S. adults. The results show that Americans overwhelmingly believe

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What Role Should The Bible Have In Society?

Interpreting the Bible has become a divisive issue for some and little more than sport for others. Some want to talk about the "authority" of Scripture. They're asking questions like, "How is the Bible authoritative in our lives today?" Others are wondering if the word "inerrancy" is making a comeback.

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The Bible In a Technological Age

A few years ago marked the 400th birthday of the most widely distributed and most widely read translation of the Bible ever. Begun in 1604, the King James version was completed, approved and sent to the royal printer in 1611. Such a hallmark in history undoubtedly warrants attention. How has the Bible

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A New Way of Engaging Scriptures

700 people quit reading the Bible every single day. From reading the Bible in fragments to reading it out of context to reading it only for personal application, why some of our modern Bible-reading habits are at the core of the problem. For this generation and the next, what does real

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