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How Can We Better Navigate Spiritual Conversations?


Q Backstage: Craig Springer (Alpha USA)

How is your church engaging with an ever changing culture? Craig Springer shares stories of the gospel moving forward in a post-christian culture through the power of conversations and experiences. Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith, typically run over eleven weeks. Each talk looks at a

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Spiritual Conversations: Understanding The Cultural Language

I rarely see afternoon TV, but recently hit a twenty-minute segment and wow - was it compelling. Through sobbing and tears, person after person began recounting how after watching a TV show one month earlier their lives had instantly and forever changed. “Instantly” and “forever” definitely caught my attention. They

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Why Do We Ask Questions?

Socrates has said that "wonder is the beginning of wisdom." When we were children, curiosity came to us naturally, we settle and we become comfortable. What if our curiosity was greater than our fear of being wrong? How can good questions influence good thought and ultimately the common good? Gabe

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God’s Banquet Table

In Jesus’ world, there were clear borders between insiders and outsiders. Into this atmosphere, Jesus raised a challenging issue: does God’s love know any borders? As the church continues to wrestle with this issue today, we must become a community that welcomes unexpected guests at God’s banquet table.

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Did Jesus Preach the Gospel?

The most influential piece of literature in the twentieth century was the gospel tract. Why? Because it reduced the gospel to sound bytes and because it has framed how many Christians now understand the gospel message. What might surprise us is that the central idea of Jesus’ teaching—the coming

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