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How Can We Develop The Next Generation Of Leaders?


Q Backstage: John Seel (New Copernicans)

John Seel, author of The New Copernicans, refers to our millennial children as both the church's greatest challenge and its most exciting new opportunity. Listen as he shares insights into the new millennial landscape and how leaders can best connect with the next generation.

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Inoculating a Generation

Discussing why young people are leaving churches doesn’t offer a way forward for those of us who’ve stayed. Author Skye Jethani says the answer might be changing the way we relate to God. Instead of life over, under, or even for God, he says this generation should pursue

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New Not Next

In a rapidly changing culture, a haunting question for the church is "what's next?" However, trying to anticipate the whim of the cultural tides can keep us perpetually one step behind and inhibit our ability to lead. What if we are asking the wrong question? How can the ways God's

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Inspiring the Next Generation of Women

In many ways, the 21st century is a revolutionary age of opportunity for women. Along with owning 30% of American businesses, women currently make up 57% of college graduates and 63% of master's degree holders. But we can only look up to those whose stories we know. If we only pass the torch

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Next Generation Leadership

The president of Catalyst, Brad Lomenick, argues that today’s most effective leaders don’t grab power, but instead share it and collaborate with others. Lomenick encourages leaders to say sorry more, say thank you more, give up more credit and offer more praise.

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