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How Can We Embrace Other Cultures?


Race And America

The #blacklivesmatter movement receives mixed reception in culture and especially among Evangelical Christians. While some contend “all lives matter,” others recognize the special focus needed on to the continued struggle of being black in America. Michelle Higgins is an organizer and speaker who is on the front lines of the

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The Latino American Experience

As Christians, we know our responsibility is to show justice and mercy and care for the vulnerable. But what does that look like in light of the current immigration debate? Noemi Chavez is the lead pastor of 7th Street Church, a multi-ethnic church in the Los Angeles area. She will

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Race, Righteous Anger and Resolution

Injustice, violence, discrimination, racism. As Christians, we cannot ignore the clashes around us, but how should we respond? Like Jesus overturning tables in the temple, is now a time for righteous anger? What does that phrase even mean? Lecrae is a voice that advocates against injustice in a way that

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