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How Can We Help Our Youth In A Violent Age?


An Antidote to Gun Violence

With the prevalence of shooting in our schools, a culture of violence is seemingly becoming the culture of the norm in the lives of our children. Through Judge Sheila Calloway's experience within the Nashville Court System, she invites us to consider how we offer hope and solutions to young people

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Responding to Our Fatherhood Crisis

The federal government spends $100 billion dollars every year on programs such as child support enforcement and anti-poverty efforts directed at supporting father-absent homes. What happened to fatherhood in America? Over 25 million children live apart from their biological fathers—contributing to poor maternal and infant health, incarceration, crime, teen pregnancy, child

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Raising Children that Shift Culture

Mark & Jan Foreman live in the San Diego area, where Mark is the Lead Pastor of North Coast Calvary Chapel. They are co-authors of Never Say No: Raising Big-Picture Kids about their journey raising their sons Jon and Tim of the band Switchfoot. Mark is also the author of Wholly

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The Future of Neighboring

What are things Christians can do on a practical level to bring a sense of community and caring back to their neighborhoods? Eugene Cho, Julie Mavis and Precious Jones share their insights from three very different perspectives and areas of influence.

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