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How Can We Invest In Our Cities?


Renewing a City

When Wayne Gordon and his wife started a Bible study for high school kids in North Lawndale, Chicago, people warned them that a white couple moving into a black neighborhood was a recipe for disaster. Today, what began as the Gordons’ seedling Bible study has become the Lawndale Community Church.

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Why Cities Matter

Chris Horst, Director of Development at HOPE International talks about the importance of cities, place, and investing locally. Horst gives us some specific examples of how churches in Denver came together to work toward a very local vision for common good.

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The Church and The City

There’s a lot of talk about the Church’s role in advancing the common good and restoring society, but it often remains theoretical. In Portland, this isn’t just an idea; it’s a case study. Kevin Palau sits down with Portland Mayor Sam Adams, Commissioner Diane McKeel, and

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Multiplying The Power Of Good

What does community look like in regions of lower population density? Without the gravitational pull of a city center, suburban towns can struggle to find common ground. But working for the common good isn’t exclusive to metropolitan areas; restorative work is alive and well in suburbia. How can likeminded

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