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How Can We Listen To Better Understand The Reality of Others?


Post-Truth Trends

In what Barna calls “an erosion of the sacred,” Americans find it harder to trust authorities for guidance, including God. But in a society plagued by skepticism, “fake news,” and distrust, where can people turn for comfort and direction? David Kinnaman, president of the Barna Group, details these trends, offers

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The Latino American Experience

As Christians, we know our responsibility is to show justice and mercy and care for the vulnerable. But what does that look like in light of the current immigration debate? Noemi Chavez is the lead pastor of 7th Street Church, a multi-ethnic church in the Los Angeles area. She will

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Race in America

We all have felt the temperature rise over the last few months around the topic of race in America. As we are experiencing a once in a generation moment, how can we think well and commit to being a part of the solution that brings reconciliation and healing for all?

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Practical Reality From The Middle East

There is no doubt that the Middle East is one of the most turbulent areas of the world. We read stories of what seems to be going on but had the opportunity to hear directly from someone who has been on the ground in some of the most pivotal places

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Truth Can’t be Oppressed

How far would you go to tell the world the truth? That was the question Euna Lee had to ask herself when she and a fellow journalist, Laura Ling, were detained in North Korea after they crossed the border without a visa while researching a controversial story. They remained in

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