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How Can We Shape Culture Through Creation Care?


Q Backstage: Scott Sabin

Scott Sabin shares a Biblical lens for environmental stewardship as a means of participating with God in His plan of redemption for all things. Hear a strategy for addressing poverty and economic issues through empowerment and creation care.

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The Green Church

In all my years of ministry, I never saw this coming. Caring for the environment was a value I rediscovered through a series of conversations and hours spent seeking God about what my response as a Christian leader should be to growing environmental problems. My conviction grew that the church

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Hope in a Weary Land

I was looking at desiccated, erosion-scarred hillsides, each one a patchwork of rock walls delineating fields of withered corn and representing the entire future of a family, when the phrase “weary land” first came to mind. At the time I was in Haiti, but I have since seen weary land

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Why Design Matters

A study by The Design Council found that companies who emphasize design in their business dealings perform 200 percent better on the Stock Exchange than those who don't. Design isn't just about graphics and colors; it's in the aesthetics of a space. Danae Dougherty speaks from her background in designing spaces

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